Ideas to Keep Your Home Cool

Blog Post - July 10, 2024

According to the Department of Energy, some of the largest energy expenses are in the heating and cooling of our homes.  What are some things we can do?  Here are a few simple steps which will help reduce energy consumption during the hot summer months.

1. A programmable thermostat. Set your temperature to maintain a higher temperature in the summer when you are away and at a comfortable temperature when you are at home. 

2. Clean the coils on your outside air conditioner. Using a garden home gently spray from top to bottom in a downward motion to remove debris which can clog coils. 

3. Clean or replace the filters on your furnace even in the summer months.

4. During the heat of the day consider closing the curtains to block the heat from the sun.

5. Remember exhaust fans are necessary for removing moisture from your bathrooms or kitchens but will also remove the cool air.  The DOE recommends turning off your exhaust within 20 minutes after bathing or cooking if they do not automatically turn off.

6. Using an energy efficient fan, either a ceiling or window fan, to circulate the air.

7. A/C yearly check. When you choose to have a professional HVAC Technician come and inspect your system, they make sure that your system is set to work as optimally as possible. The better your system’s efficiency the lower your energy consumption will be.

During these hot summer months, making some lower cost adjustments can help not only keep our homes cooler but also extend the life of our current systems while helping to keep our energy use and costs lower.

Blog post written & Approved by Tradewinds HVAC and Fireplace