Tradewinds LP Tanks & Coal

Do you need an LP Tank for your home or office?

If so, Tradewinds HVAC & Fireplace has several selections to choose from, starting at 120 gallons up to 1000 gallons. The smaller tanks are great for your summer or 3 season cabin or a dedicated tank to an indoor fireplace. Our larger tanks are for year-round heating of homes or businesses. Please call to see if we have the size LP tank you need in stock.

Looking for high quality coal to burn in your coal burning stove?  We carry Blaschak Anthracite coal that can be used in your coal burning stove to keep your home warm this winter. Anthracite burns hotter, has fewer emissions, low sulfur and does not produce creosote - making it safer to use. We offer different sizes, including convenient 40-pound bags to meet your requirements. For those who forge with coal by trade or hobby, we carry Blaschak Bituminous (blacksmithing) coal, pea or nut size, in 50# bags. 

Stop on by to inquire about LP Tanks and / or coal for all of your heating energy needs.

When it Comes to anything Fuel for Heating:
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Blaschak Anthracite Coal for Heating or Forging

Blaschak Anthracite Coal
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